Pictured here, left to right, are Past State Deputy John Glen, Jim Nunberg, Doug Graves, Past Grand Knight Mike Hoff, Dobbie Beck and Thor Loftsgarar.

K of C News Billings Heights Photo 5
Putting up the siding: Jim Nunberg, Past Grand Knight Mike Hoff, and Dobbie Beck.

K of C News Billings Heights Photo 6
Thor is making the right cut.

by PSD John Glen

On August 19, 2017, members of Council 8345 from St. Bernard Parish helped build house number 78 for Habitat for Humanity in Billings as an important Community Activity. There are Five Major Areas that are intricate to the K of C’s and where they place their emphasis: Church, Family, Youth, Council, and Community.

This Community Activity of our Knights of Columbus will help a family that is living in substandard housing acquire an affordable home by giving them a hand UP not a hand OUT.

We as a Council and as members of this worldwide Catholic Men’s Organization are proud to be able to help Habitat for Humanity in their Christian work. The Knights of Columbus is open to all Catholic men over the age of 18. Consider joining us.